5 Minutes of Funk

Date: 3 April 2017

QIC: Parrot Head

AO: Hugh McRae Park

PAX: Tiny Dancer, Gobo, Milton, Seahorse, Gravity (FNG), Surf -N- Turf (Sulfer Toe), Homeland, LETC, Morpheus

10 PAX joined together this warm morning to try a little different variation on the Heavy Metal Monday.  YHC was feeling quite under the weather this morning, but I knew that I had to show up and deliver a proper beat down to my fellow PAX.  That was motivation enough to get me out of the fart sack.

SSH x 25
Hillbilly x 25

The Thang
Partner up.  Five stations were set up with 2 exercises per station.  One exercise kept you at the station, while the other had you running around the parking lot.  When the runner  made it back to the station, the partners switched.  Continue this for 5 minutes per station.  The stations were as followed:

Kettlebell Swing (53 lbs)
Bucket Carry (filled with pea gravel)

V-Ups (25 lbs)
Kettlebell Carry (2 x 40 lbs)

Kettlebell Squats (40 lbs)
Strict Run

Balls to the Wall
Overhead Kettlebell Carry (25 lbs)

Tricep Curls (25 lbs)
Wreck Bag Carry (50 lbs)

Each team starts the next station after 5 minutes.  Continue until it was time for…

One of my all time favorites, SALLY!

5 PAX will be participating in the Spartan Sprint in Charlotte this Saturday.  Good luck to us all.
Welcome Gravity!  We hope to see you out in the gloom often.
I did say overhead kettlebell carry, Tiny Dancer, but I didn’t specify which head.  You got me on a technicality.

Thanks for letting me lead today.  I definitely needed your push to get me out and through it.  Iron sharpening iron.

Parrot Head



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