Always be prepared to get wet!

Date: 4/1/2017
QIC: Tiny Dancer
# of PAX: 33
PAX: Epo, Double Check, The Adjuster, Hasselhoff, LETC, Choir Boy, Fox Trot, Eight Penny, Ballbearing, Wild Wing, Hoverround, Last, Flounder, Dino, Mighty Wind, Lumbar, Heisenberg,  Sneaky Pete and friend? from Chattanooga,  Fire Marshall Bill, Gobo, Busted Grill, Wreck-It Ralph, Blue Steel, Niles, Chop Shop, Seahorse, Tank

SSH X 30
Mountain climbers X 20

Indian run to Harbor Island, stop at church parking lot for some high intensity plyometrics

5 exercises 45 seconds each with 15 seconds rest in between
Skater jump
Lateral bear crawl jump
Lateral ski jump
T merkins
1 minute rest then rinse and repeat
Mosey to the beach
Merkins to failure
Standard merkins AMRAP
Then hold at the bottom for as long as you can;
When you can’t hold it any longer then do negative merkins, lowering to a count of 3 AMRAP

Jacob’s ladder
From the shoreline run up the hill to the dunes with a burpee at the top, increasing the burpees by one each time for a total of seven times.

Time to test the water!
Merkins in the surf X 10
Flutter kicks X 20
Surfees X 10
A few chose to stay dry(not sure why, the water temp is a balmy 62)
Gobo had a little help into the water as he protested “I’m not prepared to go into the water!”

Indian run back to the park
Sprint across the soccer field, backwards run back, rinse and repeat

American hammer X 20

Welcome FNG Mark Foster AKA Lumbar
Welcome to our visitors – Mighty Wind from Charlotte and — from Chattanooga
We missed the Stingray boys this morning – hungover or afraid of the old man’s beat down? #monsterwimps
Dino was awfully chatty this morning
Sneaky Pete – welcome back, don’t be a stranger
Choir Boy – glad to see you out on a Saturday- next time I will make sure you make it to coffeeteria
Gobo definitely had the quote of the day “I’m not prepared to go in the water!” As he was gently dropped in in baptismal fashion
Word to the wise- you should always be prepared to get wet at Baywatch(it’s the beach for God’s sake!) and lame excuses will not be tolerated!

As always it was an honor and pleasure to lead today

Tiny Dancer



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