The Rainy Rattetto Duo

QIC: Gapetto & THE Ratt

Date: 3-31-17

# of PAX: 21

PAX: Captain Stubby, Wreck it Ralph, Venus, Trump, LETC, Tiny Dancer, GOBO, Seahorse, Niles, Busted Grill, Mayhem, Adjuster, FoxTrot, Dino, Sir-mix-a-lot, Ugly Stik, Homeland, Heisenberg, Last


15 Imperial Walkers IC
15 Carolina Dry Docks IC
15 Little Baby Arm Circles IC
15 Mountain Climbers IC

The Thang:

Caterpillar to tennis court parking lot
[ PAX forms 2 lines face-to-face, down in plank position. Allow 2-3 feet between PAX. Last man box-jumps over the planking PAX to the head of the line, Indian Run style]

Burp & Merk

[Begin a traditional burpee with a single push up at the bottom, then complete. Drop back down for a second burpee with two push ups, then complete. Pyramid up to 10 and back down]
Black Snake
[Indian run, six weaves between PAX on his way to front of line, mozy to pond intersection via scenic route]

—-THE Ratt—-

10 Burpees OYO

Catch Us If You Can

Group of 3. Person A carries Person B. Person C performs 30x Merkins, then sprints to catch the pair. Rotate and Repeat, one full lap around pond. Switch back and forth between merkins and squats.

25 American Hammers IC while we wait for the six, then 5 Burpees

Crawl before you walk

Crab Walk
[to first speed bump – 15 merkins OYO, plank for the Six]
Bear Crawl
[Backward bear crawl to next speed bump – 15 pickle pumpers OYO, plank for the Six]
Crab Walk
[To third speed bump – 30 LBCs OYO plank for the Six]

[to last speed bump – 15 Burpees]

Mosey back to COT for Protractor led by the amazing, incredible, baby headed D-I-N-O.

Props to Gapetto for creating the workout today and coming off strep (didnt know this until this AM).


Prayers to Mike Huspan and FAM with Pancreatic Cancer, prayers to Zuckerberg’s Mom and his FAM, Praise to Niles’ Wife for making huge headway.

It was a pleasure for us to lead. Thats for letting us push you and for pushing us, which allows us to push you, and push Niles to come up with better rhymes 🙂

2 Fingers!



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