Back to the Hill of Gloom

DATE: 3/30/17

QIC: Bob the Builder

PAX: The Hoff, Patch Adams, Venus, Trump, Ugly Stik, Hoverround, Redline, Morpheous, Niles, Last, Etsel, Choo Choo (Durham), Fire Marshall Bill, Omar, Double Check, Johnny Gage, FNG- Gopher (Robert Whiteside)

17 PAX joined YHC on a beautiful spring morning in beautiful downtown ILM for a “Stingray-esque” beatdown.


  • side straddle hop x 30 IC
  • windmill x 25 IC


  • single file line for Indian Run to the Convention Center
  • find a spot on the wall for:
    • BTTW alternating shoulder taps x 10 IC
    • BTTW donkey kicks x 10 IC
  • back in line for a Stingray favorite the Bataan Death March
    • person in back of line does 5 double merkin burpees and sprints to the front, then next guy starts as they pass the end of the line, etc, etc
  • Death March all the way to the Hill of Gloom for DORA 1-2-3
    • 50- hand release burpees
    • 100- Mike Tyson’s
    • 200- Star Jacks
    • Mary while we wait for the SIX:
      • flutter kicks x 30 IC
      • Freddie Mercury x 30 IC
      • Hello Dolly x 30 IC
      • chill cut for the last group to get down the hill
  • back in single file line for same Bataan Death March back to the Hilton


  • High level of motivation this morning and excellent numbers for a Thursday downtown!
  • JG, FMB, and Redline got some extra credit running in this morning. I guess they didn’t think the workout would be hard enough….
  • I have missed the hill of gloom. We haven’t seen it in a while! We will be back sooner than later!
  • There is a mud run coming up in a couple of weeks, see Redline or BG for details
  • The Bull in Durham this Saturday if you’re interested Trump should be sending out more info soon (Thanks Choo Choo for the invite)
  • prayers for all you fartsackers!

That’s all I’ve got this morning. It is an honor gentleman,




3 thoughts on “Back to the Hill of Gloom

  1. Billy Brooks Choo Choo says:

    Gentlemen of the Triangle,

    Your trusted planning committee has been hard at work getting ready for this year’s running of “The Bull”. Here’s what you need to know:

    When: Saturday 4/1 from 0600 – 1000 (yes, I know thats 4 hours… keep reading)

    Where: Downtown Durham, specifically “R1 parking lot by Harris Teeter” adjacent to Vin Rouge and Blu Seafood

    Who: Anyone with a Y-chromosome. Seriously. Churham, Carpex, Raleigh, etc… Familiar faces like Subprime, DOI, Sweats, and MARTA, along with some new faces from Raleigh and Carpex will be leading you along this journey.

    Please know that this is not a continuous 4 hour workout; you perform a 20ish minute workout, then travel to the next site. There will be several stations and the journey between each site is just as important. I promise you that if you can complete one of our Churham workouts, you can complete the Bull. A “sag wagon” for those who are tired, hurt, or need a breather will be available.

    Reward: Coffeeteria at Monuts afterwards, and a sweet mystery shirt that you can purchase from the F3 Mudgear website here – you can order until 4/2 (the day after)

    What I need from you?
    – Please sign up here so we can continue to plan various parts of the event
    – If you are injured, consider being a “sag wagon” driver to help support the pax

    We look forward to seeing you on Saturday 4/1.


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