Monday Funday


QIC:  Gepetto

# of PAX: 6


Surf n Turf  (aka sulfur toe), LETC, Gobo, Morpheus, Captain Stubing



10 cotton pickers

10 count stretch

the Thang

Grab one heavy and one light kettlebell for the entire group. Mozy to baseball field (if Gepetto can even remember which direction that is)

After some shaky instructions the PAX fell into formation for the Bearcrawl Snake – PAX are lined up head to toe in plank position, front man performs kettlebell exercise while the six bearcrawls to front, weaving between PAX. Repeat until across outfield.

After a few adjustments and input from PAX it shaped up to be a pretty good exercise, thanks for your help guys.

Bearcrawl back across field oyo

Batton Death March around pond and home- six drops light KB and performs 5 merkins before sprinting to front of line to assume the heavy KB, handing off light one to new six on the way

Al Gore for a quick talk – thanks for the advice guys


Talk to Gobo about bringing FiA to Wilmington, we need 15-20 HCs

Come out and support our brother Surf n Turf and our military April 15 at the Step Up for Soldiers Mud Run

Heavenly Father, thank you for the physical and mental health that allows us to get up and workout and to go out and do your work. Please guide us as we reflect the light you shine on us into the lives of those that need it most.


Thanks again PAX



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