Filty Fifty: Monster Factory Style

Date: 3/29/17

QIC: Venus

AO: STINGRAY – Monster Factory

Pax: Etsl, Ball Bearing, Coffee Bean, Etch A Sketch, Zuckerberg, Gobo, Blue Steel, Flounder, LETC, Ugly Stik, BTB.

An absolute gorgeous morning. We all got a sweat in today! SPRING IS HERE!

Warm Up: SSH x 25IC; Cotton Pickers x 25IC

The Thang:

We didn’t have to go far,  to begin the beat down. YHC had put a little weinke for everyone to read on the back of my car. It looked like this:

“Who’s Motivated?

Lap 1: Mountain Climbers 50 SC

Lap 2: Hello Dollys 50 SC

Lap 3: Copperhead Squats 50 SC

Lap 4:Merkins 50 SC

Lap 5: Crunchy Frogs 50 SC

Lap 6: Split Jacks 50 SC

Lap 7: Peter Parkers 50 SC

Lap 8: Alternating Shoulder Taps 50 SC

Lap 9: Plank Jacks 50 SC

Lap 10: American Hammers 50 SC


So, after every exercise each pax had to take a lap around the parking lot. 50 reps of each exercise then a lap. Simple yet very effective. ONE PROBLEM, I forgot to take into account how much faster and stronger we have gotten so we CRUSHED the plan. I thought it was going to take much longer. STRONG WORK!

While we waited on the 6, BTB led us in a little Protractor and then we did 50 Flutter Kicks IC. Everyone was done so its go time…. off on an adventure. We lined up and began to mosey. We Indian Ran all the way around the soccer fields, past the tennis courts and back to the CoT. We did a Merkin Ring of Fire (started at 5 went all the way around, pax that started with 5 completed the last pax number and then we descended all the way down to 5). We had a few more minutes left so we each called out a form of MARY.



ZUCKERGBERG: Glad you were there. We missed you! Cant wait to see you more.

CoffeeBean: What is great about F3 is that when you think you can’t keep going, we all will help you go a little more. Way to push through that Indian Run.

Blue Steel: (Busted Steel) Not really sure why I did that, your way better looking than Busted Grill. Maybe even better looking than PArrothead!!!!!! Heck, didn’t you model? Love ya BG.

BTB: are you sure your not a robot…..You finished at least a lap ahead of EVERYONE.

Ugly Stik: Glad your knee is feeling better. Thanks for the last lap push. I needed it.

LETC: You get it done! I can hear that purrrrrrrr of the engine throughout the workout.

ETSL: Love seeing you out in the gloom. You have made us stronger.

Flounder: Always pushing. Did you lose on your balance on your beloved Mountain Climbers?

ETCH A Sketch: Silent Killer! Way to grind out those reps! Not a big talker but a big producer. Other than the SIDE WALK SUFRER TIME! AYE!

Ball Bearing: Way to keep pushing when we all were finished. You motivate me with your persistence. Glad you FINALLY got your hat!

GOBO: “Hey, lets go on this scavenger hunt and find some SH!T” hahaha. Way to psh through that last little bit. Tell Dino you can make any shirt look good.


Prayers for those who cannot be here.

Prayers for those who protect us.

Prayers for Zuckerberg friends mother as she was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer.


Thank you for allowing me to lead this morning.

Until next time….

Venus OUT!


One thought on “Filty Fifty: Monster Factory Style

  1. letcf3 says:

    THAT is well done. You never mail it in Venus. Love your Qs and BBs. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. It’s getting close to time to EH Busted Blue Steele Magnolia for his VQ.



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