Intervals suck!!!



WHEN: 3/28/2017

PAX: Trump, ugly stick, Bob the builder, Foxtrot, 8 ball, tank, Mr. Kotter, Hassellhoff, Morpheus, redline, Busted grill, Parrot head, Gobo, LETC, Dino, Dbl check, Fire Marshsall Bob, Gepphetto,


18 men fought the fart sack and posted at UNCW for a pre-birthday beatdown by YHC. It is run day and we will run. I like running intervals  and I think they are very beneficial for overall fitness and increasing your runs speed.  But I will add a little suprise to make it a little more challenging.


The Thang:

Circle up

50 side straddle hop


Quarter-mile EZ run

25 merkins,, 25 squats, 50 flutter kicks

Get up and sprint a quarter-mile then repeat 25 merkins,, 25 squats, 50 flutter kicks

We will repeat this and while we run the entire perimeter of the campus, this should end up being 3 miles. But if you take a deep tour to the parking ramp it will be longer.

By the end of the workout we ran over 3 miles and did 300 merkins, 300 squats, 600 flutter kick.

I thought this was a great workout.  It definitely got my heart rate pretty high.  By the lack of mumble chatter I have to assuming it did the same for the pax.

Thank you for letting me lead. As always it is an honor and a pleasure.



Double check;  a plumber from Hardee’s called you owe them a new toilet.

Read Foxtrots  post under your story. Awesome!!

Parrothead was seen running and there was no photographer around.

Don’t ever follow the Hoff or BTB on a run unless you know where you are going.

Trump, Redline and Morpheus thanks for pushing me this morning.


EPO out



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