The “HUGE” Trumpenus: this is not “fake news”

Date: 3/24/2017

Location: Coastal Surge: Hugh MacRae Park

QIC: Trump and Venus

PAX: Homeland, The Ratt, Etsl, Busted Grill, Dino, Ugly Stik, Parrotthead, Niles, Surf N Turf, Double Check, Milton, Capt. Stubbing, BTB, Mr. Kotter, Donut, Wreck It Ralph, Hahvahd, Tiny Dancer, Flounder, Tombstone, Marshall Bill, The Adjuster, Mindcraft, Morpheus.

Warm Up: Pickle Pumpers x 25 IC(TrumPENUS – DUH!); Side Straddle Hop x 40 IC

Count off 1 to 4. Once everyone was counted off, we formed 4 lines and handed a shovel flag to the person at the front for some good l’fashioned Indian Run to the pond. Our lines may have been slightly numbered wrong but that’s ok, READY…GO! (We were faster than a mosey, I LIKE IT!)

The Thang:

With your TEAM, you have to pull the tire around to the next flag that has been planted at various spots around the pond. At each flag, your TEAM must cumulatively get 75, 100, 125, and 150 reps of each exercise that has been given per lap. Lap 1: Burpees, Lap 2: Merkins, Lap 3: Squats. Don’t get caught because that is 25 FlutterKicks right there!

Once all three laps were finished(I think most every TEAM finished), each TEAM brought their tire to the center grass area where a HUGE rope was positioned. THATS RIGHT, TUG O’ WAR TIME!!! TRUMPENUS’ teams took on the other two teams. ROUND 1: TRUMPENUS was too much to handle, ROUND 2: TEAM TRUMPENUS were asking if the other team was pulling, ROUND 3: TRUMPENUS stuck the anchor down and pulled the other team across the tire center.

After the Tug O’ War, we moseyed back to the CoT for some Mary. (Flutter Kicks, American Hammer, 1 minute low plank hold)


With the GrowRuck still on our minds we wanted to do a TEAM style format. Hopefully it didn’t disappoint. We heard lots of moaning afterwards so I will take that as a good sign.

Thanks BTB for getting there early and helping set up the tires. PAX: Those are fun tools to use. Helps us all build some strength and speed in our legs.


Thanks for the shout out afterwards Busted Grill, We are glad you think of us as more than millennials.

Strong Push at the end there Surf N Turf.


Prayers for those who couldn’t be there.

Prayers for those who keep us safe.

Prayers for those who need the strength and courage to seek help when they feel no hope is available.

5th Annual CornHole Tournament, Saturday. (YES its afterwards, WE KNOW! BTW 8BALL – with those new F3 boards we want to see you out more)

Strong work by all!

It was a privilege to lead such a great group of men who push us to become better!

There will be more…..Until next time…

Trumpenus OUT!




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