Urban Break-Your-Ne … I Mean Parkour

Date: 3/23
QIC: Hoff
Post: Battleship


Ugly Stik
Fire Marshall Bill
Mr. Kotter
Cracker (?)

*OK, who’d I forget? DM me on Slack and I’ll edit. Apologies.)


Stand and bend, SSH, Wide Angle Stand in Bend (ask Gapetto how this one went)


Boy, how do I explain this: Basically head down Water Street to the Riverwalk and start finding obstacles – e.g., those wood stools on steel posts look good – one foot up, then the other, back to the ground – run up on remaining two stools and back to mosey. Jump over planters and then jump up on the stools down range, with a combat flourish at the finish. Push up hill near Pilot House and down Second Street, then up to Third, along the way jumping over various privacy walls, including Lattimer House wall. Assault perimeter wall of St. James Church on Third Street and run along Market Street edge. Over to First National Bank (?) and scale some walls, then over to Harrelson Center for wall climbs. Stop, circle up and pray for homeless who are sleeping and sheltered there. Up Princess St to next retainer wall, then down Fifth Street over to CFCC and old Atlantic Railroad junction that is now a sort of amphitheater – climb stone walls found there. Sprint back to A)


Prayers for Law, Fire, EMS and Military
A moving, take-us-out prayer by Fire Marshall Bill


A lot of courage today; remember core strength, and visualize overcoming the obstacle with speed and efficiency.

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