Metal Monday @ HMP

  • March 20, 2017
  • 6 brave, metal-loving, non-fartsacking PAX and their names were Capt. Stubing, Mayhem, Parrot Head, Milton and Sea Horse
  • Morpheus
  • The THANG — Heavy metal music was provided via the miracle of the electron, Spotify and technical help from the Q’s 2.0.  The deck of cards dealt out Merkin lifts on Spades; V-ups on Hearts; triceps extensions on diamonds; and standing lifts to standing position on Clubs.  Every 2, 1/2 PAX mosied with triceps extensions around 1/2 parking lot with 1/2 PAX did flutter kicks and American Hammer.  Extra Credit provided by the Police’s Roxanne and the Burpee!
  • COT/Moleskin — Strong work!  Loved the originality of the self-called exercises on Aces (each being a repeat of earlier work or swings, save for Stubing’s side rows).


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