No Easy Way Out

DATE: 3/18/2017

QIC: Dino

PAX:  LETC, Blue Steel, Marshall Bill, Bustid Grillz, Omar, GOBO, Heisenburg, Foxtrot, Milton, Parrothead, Hoff, THE Adjuster, Wreckit, Niles, Brick, THE Cracker, 8 Penny


-Warm up on the bball court to the fresh sounds of Robert Tepper’s “No Easy Way Out”. We did SSH and Burpees to the music.

-Jog to Museum parking lot for a burpee ladder. We went from 7 down to 2, then (Surprise) back up to 10. We did exercises in between burpees (one-legged squats, seal jacks, cotton pickers, lbc’s and some others.

-Run half way to beach access for Mary. Spider merkins and some other stuff.

-Run to beach access. Partner Up.

Partner 1: Run to beach, over to next beach access, up to Lumina, back to start.

Partner 2: Do 20 of each of the following: Squat, Hello Dolly, Imp Walker, Turkish Get Up

Switch. Rinse and Repeat.

-Form 2 lines, standing across from partner. Jog back to WB Park with some stops for partner exercises. (Hand Clap Merkins, Derkins, Leg Throw Downs).

-At bball court, find some bench space for dips



-We missed a bunch of you, but we had a very strong crew. The Hoff is back on the meds and you can tell that beautiful medicine is coursing through his veins.

-Foxtrot busting ass as usual.

-Heisenburg is certainly proud of his Heels with all that Carolina blue he had on.

-Blue Steel pushing hard with a smile on his face.

-Milton pushing hard without a smile on his face.

-GOBO finished his burpees last.

-Cracker looking good in his fresh Growruck shirt. Wasting no time showing it off…even if it has more flaws than Busted Grill’s personality. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh burn!

-Was hoping to see some green beer splashing this morning. I guess I didn’t push everyone hard enough. There’s always next time.

Thanks for following along this morning. What a great group of dudes .





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