DATE: 3/17/17

QIC: BTB, Ugly Stik

PAX: 21 of them. They are recorded on Ugly’s phone. You know who you are

Warm Up:

·         SSH x 30 IC

·         BTTW head taps x 10 IC

·         Hold BTTW until we have two groups established



·         Burpee Death March around pond and to the pull up bars

·         Cycle 1:

o   10- pull ups

o   15- incline rows

o   20- decline merkins

o   25- dips

o   30- sweat angels

o   Lap around the pond (circle back to get the SIX)

·         Cycle 2:

o   10- burp ups

o   15- toes to bar

o   20- side plank dips (per side)

o   25- fence hops

o   30- V ups

o   Plank for the SIX

·         Indian Run to meet the other group at the end of the parking lot



·         8 rounds of Tabata:

o   Rounds 1-3: 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest

o   Rounds 4-7: 20 seconds on, 10 seconds high knees

o   Exercises:

§  Squat

§  Merkins

§  Split jacks

§  V-Ups



·         2 single file, even lines. PAX across from you becomes your partner.

·         Line A run to the stop sign and back

·         Line B starts broad jump burpees

·         When runner gets back, he takes over for partner B, who runs to the end of the street and back

·         Flapjack until you have both gotten to the STOP sign

·         Mary while we wait for the SIX:

o   Flutter Kicks x 35 IC

o   Rosalita x 25 IC

o   LBC’s x 25 IC

o   American Hammer x 25 IC

·         2 lines at the end of the road

o   Backwards run to first speed bump

o   Karaoke to next speed bump

o   Lunge walk to last speed bump

o   Circle back and pick up Sulfur Toe (formerly known as Surf N Turf)



·         Very strong and very quiet group this morning. Either they were too cold to talk or they had no breath left. I’ll take either as a sufficient excuse. Regardless, I worked up a sweat in 25* weather, so I’ll call it a win!

·         Hoff showed his mortality this morning, but fortunately we all have a strong bond pushed him through the final workout cycle! Excellent job to push through and finish!

·         Not sure how the chatter and exhaustion level was from Ugly’s group, but they were waiting with Mary and ready for us to start the broad jump burpee fun!

·         Great job by all! Way to fight the fartsack on a brisk March morning!


Until next time,


BobbyStiks, out!



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