Soccers Second Sequel

Date: 3/14/17

QIC: Capt. Stubbing and Venus

PAX: BTB, Trump, Ugly Stik, The RAtt, LETC, Morpheus, Heisenberg, Foxtrot, Busted Grill, Mr. Kotter.


With the GrowRuck fresh on many of our minds from the past weekend, YHC had contacted Capt. Stubbing about possibly doing a team style workout which would fit in nicely after the weekend. Well the Capt. said we should just have some fun, nothing to serious Soccer game in the parking deck. So that is exactly what we did…..

At 0530, the Capt. got the Pax to follow him in a mosey to the parking garage. Once at the parking garage, we counted off and found ourselves having two teams. (one 6 person and one 5 person team, until the RATT joined us about 5 minutes in).  The two teams had some ESPN worthy highlights. A few shots to the manhood (one which took TRUMP out); a few wiffs, some handballs, and maybe even a throw….but hey, we had fun doing it. The Ratt has clearly played soccer before. BTB bended it like Beckham and Trump sacrificed it all, literally, to keep them from scoring.

I was thinking on the way home about how much fun we have as a group of guys. We never just get to “play” anymore. Such a great time and we get some cardio in too.


Prayers for the ability to be here today. Prayers for the opportunity to participate in such a meaningful group of HIMS. Prayers for those who protect us.

LIAM Strong 5K this weekend. See Morpheus if you’d like to run it.

F2 tomorrow night at SourBarn. Stingray hosting.


As always, it was an honor to help lead this morning. until next time….

Venus Out!



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