Tombstone Birthday Q

When: 03-13-2017

QIC: Tombstone

The Pax: Trolley Stop, 8 Penny, Foxtrot, Flamer, Wrigley, and Busted Grill

On a beautiful chilly 44-degree morning 7 PAX came together to get stronger at Screaming Eagle.

Warm UP

  • 43x Side Saddle Hops IC
  • 43x Imperial Walker IC

Followed by stretching…standing with legs spread. Grab the right ankle and hold, then hand to the ground in the middle and hold, then grab the Left ankle and hold.  Squat and spread stretching the groin area.  Finally, feet together touching our toes.

The Thang

  • Let’s mosey….
  • 43x Merkins IC
  • Lunges from the parking lot to the pavilion OYO
  • 43x Hello Dollies IC
  • Mosey to the next pavilion
  • 43x Dips IC on the benches
  • Mosey some more
  • 43x Bobby Hurley’s IC
  • Mosey some more
  • 43x American Hammers IC
  • Mosey again
  • 43x Squats OYO
  • Mosey again
  • 43x Air Bench Presses IC
  • Plank for a 43 count IC
  • 43x Pickle Pumpers IC
  • 12x V-ups OYO


  • Fort Fisher Ruck January 29th
  • Grow Ruck March 11th and 12th
  • Prayers for EPO’s coworker
  • Thank you for our individual God given gifts, ask for guidance and courage to use those gifts to help better the lives of our friends and family and strangers alike. Prayers for Foxtrot’s family and friend Mike and Bob.

Thank you Foxtrot for helping keep the time and distance.  Thank you to gentlemen for helping me get stronger and learning to lead the way.


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