Let Go

Post Date: 3/2
Reg-U-Luh Battleship Q: Hoff
Ruck Q: BtB
Pax: Venus, Trump, Gapetto, Last, Flo, Omar, Hoveround, Morpheus
Let go … but not when you’ve got your buddy hanging perilously over a parking deck wall while he’s doing merkins suspended in mid-air and you have his legs. Such was the case at the 3/2 Battleship post, with YHC on reg-U-luh Q and BtB on Ruck Q.
The theme of the post was looking for areas to “let go” in life, things beyond our control. So we started off with some traditional yoga poses, some of them twists and binds to demonstrate how “letting go” gives relief and release.
We moseyed to the CFCC parking deck to climb the ramps. At each ramp finish, we did a called exercise, focusing on chest, legs and core: Merkins, dive bombers, burpees. Up the next ramp for lower body: Squats, imperial walkers and SSH. Rinse and repeat all the way up. At the top of the deck, we partnered up, one of us holding the other’s legs while the partner did merkins on the side of one of the wall partitions.
Mosey back to AO for 5 mins of silent meditation (the ultimate letting go) while waiting for Ruckers. The ruckers arrived late to COT (shocker), and seemed pretty exhausted. Such is life with BtB on the Q. Great job, fellas!
Prayers for military, fire and law enforcement, and EMS
Prayers for the Pax
The meditation at the end was really great – everyone really benefited, I think. It was nice to see everyone transition to this state of mind (OK, yes, I peeked a little … after all, it was my Q responsibility!)


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