Where: Screaming Eagle AO

When: 3/6/2017


WHO: Hooch, Trolley Stop, Donut, Tombstone, Sir Mix a lot, Baretta, Hoff, Busted Grill, Wrigley

10  Men gathered around the flag at the Screaming Eagle AO for a monday morning beatdown. The weather was good. There was much mumblechatter from the pax. After a good weekend it was time to pay the bills. Lets do some good work.

The Thang:

SSH x 70

Squats x 25

IW x 25

Merkins x 25

MTN Climbers x 25

Cherry pickers x 25

Mosey to the valley of pain.

Partner up.

Dora runs the valley.

The standard Dora; 100 merkins, 200 squats, and 300 LBC’s. The run will be across the dry retention pond. So down the hill across the pond and up the hill touch the street and return and switch with your partner.


Low plank until everyone is finished.

Mosey to the front of the school, running through the ditches in an attempt to get some hill(incline) work.

Balls to the wall. Do 5 handstand merkins. Rinse and repeat x 3

New exercise!!!  The EagleMerkin.

Its a play off of the dead stop merkin. Instead of just lifting your hands at the bottom you will place your arms straight out to the side then return them to complete the merkin. This is done using a slow 4 count.  https://youtu.be/YN6FTsO5nQo?t=20

15 x 3 sets

Chair pose x 1 minute

Mosey to the back of the school. Once on the walk way lunge walk from light pole to light pole x 4.

Mosey to the playground.

Half of the pax grab a swing. The other half get in low plank position.

Pax #1 do 15 inverted rows. Pax #2 hold low plank.

Rinse and repeat x 3.

Pax #1 Do 1 minute of 1 leg squats switch after 30 seconds. Pax#2 hold low plank. Rinse and repeat x 3.

Mosy to the flag. Jailbreak at the end. Strong work Sir mix alot.


American HAmmer x 20

FK x 25

LBC’s x 25

Box cutter x 25


Prayers for the military and law enforcement.

Growruck is coming. Layout downtown thursday for equiptment check. Possible thursday nite inspection in Ogden.

Join Heisenberg for the 2017 BRR. Just do it!!!

Cornhole tourney March 25th see the website. I think we even have a band playing.

Sign up to Q. Q’ing is part of the leadership component.


Wrigley, strong work. Continue the hard fight. Keep your head up and continue to move forward.

Hoff thanks for bringing the flag.

Busted grill continues to inspire me.

Hooch is getting stronger. Get your nanny out here.

Sir mix is a beast. Good push today.

Baretta, strong work. Are you sure you had that knee replaced? I Can’t tell from where I stand.

Tombstone and Donut, AKA part of the Tidalwalk posse, just start knocking on doors and getting the pax out of bed. Clown car every week. Don’t let up on them. They need this.


EPO out




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