Dora Throws Her Weight Around

Date: 03/06/2017

13 PAX posted at HMP to lift some heavy metal on a cool Monday morning

PAX: LETC, Morpheus, Parrothead, DoubleCheck, Zorro, Captain Stubing, Gobo, Milton, Harvard, Seahorse, Wrigley, Tank

QIC: Tiny Dancer


SSH X 30

Imperial Walker X 25

Mountain Climber X 20

THE THANG: Grab a partner and let’s take our kettle bells and mosey to the parking lot by the tennis courts.

Dora 1-2-3

100 dead lift high pulls

200 kettle bell swings

300 goblet lunges

one partner does the exercises while the other runs to the bottoms of the hill. When you get to the bottom do 10 merkins for the first exercise, 10 LBC’s for the second and 10 squats for the third.

Next partner 1 throws his kettle bell as far as he can(being careful not to hit other PAX), them sprints to it and throws it again to the bottom of the hill and back. Meanwhile partner 2 is doing kettle bell slams or juggling his kettle bell.

Mosey back to the flag for Mary



GrowRuck coming up this weekend, good luck to the PAX participating, we will be with you in spirit

Double-Check- you are  too young to have back pain.  Come out Wednesday and we will work out the kinks.

Excellent work by  all today and a good turnout for Monday.

Tiny Dancer -out






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