What is a Bridge?

Date: 3/4/17

Q: Cracker

Pax: Niles, Gapetto, Tank, Goofy, 8 Penny, The Adjuster, FNG-Overbite, The Ratt, LETC, Striker, The Hoff, Wreck-it-Ralph, Wrigley, FNG-Brick, Bob the Builder, Busted Grill, Fire Marshall Bill, Ball Bearing, Hoveround, Mindcraft, Milton, Parrothead, Gobo


Side Straddle Hops X49

Moroccan Night Clubs X50

Mountain Climbers X50


Mosey over to the softball field. We ran 4-3-2-1’s around the bases.

First set: Sprint to 1st base, 10 squats, bear crawl back home, rinse and repeat 4 times, plank until everyone is finished.

Second set: Sprint the 2nd base, 10 Imperial Walkers, Sprint to Home, 10 Imperial Walkers, rinse and repeat 3 times, wall sit until everyone is finished.

Third set: Sprint to 3rd base, 10 merkins, lunge home, rinse and repeat 2 times, wall sit until everyone is finished.

Fourth set: Sprint a home run, 10 burpees, wall sit until everyone is finshed.

Next up, Caterico Indian Run to the bridge. Thanks again Parrothead for kindly reminding us of the purpose of this structure. In the process of the run, in two columns, we passed the football down the line while in formation.

At the bridge: Dips X30

Continue the Caterico Indian Run to the beach. Once at the beach the Pax participated in DORA: 100 Merkins, 200 Squats, 300 LBCs.

The pax then played ultimate football. First to 3 won. I think team 1 is still trying to figure out who is on their team.

Mosey back to the basketball courts for a little Mary.


Prayers for Goofy and his family as they have new addition to the family coming in the next few weeks. Three kids in three years Goofy, respect.


Strong work by 9 members of the Pax who complete the pre workout ruck this morning. Best of luck and safe travels next weekend.

Thank you for being gentle with me during my VQ. As always I am learning from each of you along the way. Continue to carry on your great works in the coming week. It was an honor and a privilege to lead you gentleman today.

Go Heels, Go America!






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