Three Will Work

 Date: 03/03/2017

QIC: Johnny Gage

AO: #f3Locomotive

The Pax: Heisenberg, Last


Both Heisenberg and Last where highly motivated to get the #f3LOCOmotive rolling, so let’s go….



• SSH IC x20

• IW IC x 20

The Thang:

• Incline merkins over by the swings x 20, pausing on the negative for a good stretch

• One leg squat x 20 each

• Inverted pull ups x 20

• Knees to chest, using swings

• Rinse repeat each exercise x 3 descending the count by 5

• Mosey around the track stopping at the percolating pond (LAST can explain), with coupons in hand, pax completed shoulder presses, IC x 10 and then immediately to arms circles x 20

• Dips IC x 20

• Merkins x 10 OYO

• Rinse repeat shoulders presses, dips, and merkins x3 descending count by 5

• Mosey back to the main event field.

• Each pax had the chance to throw the football. Run after the ball before it stops rolling. Exercise called out by whoever grabs the football first. Exercises where: Copper Head Squats x 20, Lunges X 20, Reverse Crunches x 10, and Flutter Kicks x 20.

• Mosey around the track once again, this time stopping at each corner for: Bobby Harley’s x 20, Walls Jumps x 20, Balls to the Wall for 20 sec. and Squats x 20.


• 7 weeks now since the Leland’s inaugural debut. I’m optimistic that more headlocks will come this spring/Summer. I can feel it!

• Thanks Heisenberg and Last for posting in Leland. Not your home town, I know. Family what makes a hometown, and your family, so thanks again.

• Prayers continue for our country’s Leaders, Military, and F3.

• 50+ pax from across F3 nation will be in our backyard April 6-8 for a Heavy, Heavy Ruck. I’ll be their Pit Crew Q. Once I get details, I may ask for some assistance from a couple of the local pax. #ironsharpensiron #nobrotherleftbehind


Always an Honor

-Gage out!




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