Pre-Blast: EC- Ruck Training

When: early morning hours of Saturday, 3/4/2017

QIC: Bob the Builder

PAX: all (especially those doing GrowRuck)


  • Extra Credit ruck opportunity in the middle of the night/early morning in preparation for next weeks overnight GrowRuck. We will meet at Home Depot off Racine at 0245 and depart for WB at 0300. We will have 4 hours to get to the post for Cracker’s VQ and only about 5 miles (the way the bird flies) to cover, so there will be detours, there will be stopping for exercises, there will be sand, and there will be fun! Bring extra clothes for the workout if you want them, food, water, anything else you need in your Ruck. We will have a couple of stops for nourishment along the way, but I don’t plan on preparing any designated “aid” stations like we had on the Fort Fisher Ruck, so expect to be self sufficient.
  • I am parking my truck at WB park late this afternoon so if anyone wants to leave items for tomorrow in there, either contact me ASAP or put it in the bed anytime this evening. I’ll post on Slack when I’m heading down there so you all know it is there.
  • Venus is planning to swing by the park at 0230 to pick up any PAX who want to have a vehicle at WB Park. We could use one more person to do the same. We will get them back to Home Depot after the workout before or after coffeeteria. If your not staying for the workout, I suggest you be at WB park at 0230.
  • Our route will have us pass by WB park around 0600 for any of those who want to join up for the last hour before the 0700 post.
  • I will have my phone, so if you want to meet us somewhere along our route, just call or text me at: (910) 262-9624


  • 0230: Venus will be picking up any PAX who want their car at WB park instead of Home Depot. (We could use one more vehicle and volunteer to grab any extra people)
  • 0245: gather in the Home Depot parking lot for final preparations
  • 0300: ruck begins
  • 0600: ruck route will pass by WB park to collect any extra PAX who want to join for the final hour
  • 0700: Cracker has his VQ!

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions! See yall dark and early!




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