Coastal Surge

Date – Friday, 3 March 2017

25 Pax posted in the gloom for a Deck of Cards and Circuit de Pond beatdown by Bob the Builder and Minecraft at Coastal Surge Hugh McRae Park.

Pax – Dino, Gobo, The Adjuster, Riggley, Tiny Dancer, Flounder, Morpheus, Sea Horse, LETC, Wreck-it-Ralph, Tigger, Mayhem, Surf-n-Turf, Niles, Foxtrot, Haavard, Busted Grill, Venus, Marshal Bill, Milton, The Ratt, Tombstone, and Ugly Stik.

QIC – Bob-the-Builder and Minecraft

CoP – 25 side straddle hops x 25IC, Imperial Walkers x 20IC and Merkins x 15IC.  Count off by 2.  1s stay with Bob the Builder at the AO for Deck of Cards.  2s mosey with Minecraft to the pull-up bars for Circuit de Pond.

Deck of Cards – Diamonds = V-Ups, Hearts = Pickle Pumpers, Clubs = Lunges, Spades = Bobby Hurlees and Jokers = 10 Burpees.

Circuit de Pond – From pull-up bars run down across bridge at pond to wall and 20 wall hops.  Run up ramp to College Road side of pond and do 20 Carolina Dry Docks.  Run to south side of road around pond and do 20 American Hammers.  Run to pull-up bars and do 20 pull-ups.  Rinse and repeat for 15 minutes.

Indian run towards AO and Qs switch Groups.  Rinse and repeat.

CoT – Fox Trot requested prayers for a friend in the Vermont Guard (Mike) who has pancreatic cancer and for his college roommates father (Bob) who had a massive heart attack.  Prayers for Dipsticks family.  Money is still being collected for Dipsticks family, which the F3 Foundation will match F3 Cape Fears contribution.  Prayers for men and women in the military for protection from harm.

Thanks to Bob the Builder for Co-Qing with me.





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