Screaming Birthday Beating

When: 3-1-2017

QIC: Sir Mix

PAX: Trolly Stop, Double Check, Tombstone, Epo, Wrigley, Hooch, Eight Penny.


SSH x34

HillBillies x34

Enough warm up Lets get it on!!

The Thang:

Mosey to the pull up bars “let’s take the long way” stop halfway and knock out squats until the 6 catches up.

Once at the pull up bars the real fun begins, A spin off of Dora with a little extra flavor added on, Partner up!!!!

Pull ups x 25

Dips x 50

Merkins x  100

“Now if this were Stingray, this is where the workout would come to a close, we would discuss our feelings, and pass out participation trophies.”But this is Screaming Eagle and the party is just getting started!!!!

LBC  x 200

Squats x 300

While one partner completes the exercise the other runs to the tennis courts and returns, rinse and repeat until the team is finished, then fall in with the six until every rep/team is completed.

Mosey back to the flag stopping for flutter kicks x34 on the picnic tables.

Once back to the flag,

Hello Dollies x 34 and hold 6 inches


Wrigley, great to see you back in the gloom!

Eight Penny, you are a brave man posting after Hoff’s Q ,you are definitely in the right group!!

Epo, what can I say, you were the only “respect” that posted this morning and you made it look easy, strong work brother!!! #airborne

Double check, always a pleasure and it was good seeing you on Screaming Eagles side of town.

Hooch, when you stepping up and knocking out your VQ??

Trolly Stop, you are a Beast! You remind me of Barney Fife,  and the perfect repetitions.

Tombstone, Great push at the end brother!!! Either you are getting faster our I’m getting slower!

Prayes for our F3  brothers, Prayers for the men and women in uniform currently serving our country. Please be with Epo’s mother and allow her to heal as quickly as possible after her surgery. Allow us to go fourth into the community and be better Men, fathers, Brothers, husbands,and ultimately better leaders.

as always it was a privilege to lead,

Sir Mix out



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