Par 4 The Course

Date: 2/28/17

PAX:  13 PAX joined on Tuesday morning for Tuesday Run Day at UNCW.  In attendance was LETC, Tiny Dancer, Morpheus, Minecraft, Trump, Hoff, Mr. Kotter, Omar, BTB, HoverRound, Busted Grill

Q: Flounder

Warm-up: Easy warm-up with Side Straddle Hop x40 and Cotton Pickers x 20.

The Thang:  It has been a while since the PAX have just unleashed on a good ole’ fashioned leg stretcher.  So, we decided to make the run to the Muni golf course.  Once there, we arrived at hole # (I have no clue) but it was a Par 4.  This is probably one of the only holes with a slight up-hill gradient on the course.  At the tee box, we executed 2 exercises: Merkins x 25, LBC’s x 25 then run to the green for 2 more exercises: Bobby Hurley’s x 15, Split Jacks x 15.  (In case you missed it, a total of 4 exercises for a Par 4.  Yes, pretty bad).  Rinse and repeat.  Due to the time, we were only able to get in 2 sets until we had to turn it back to Seahawk territory.  In all, the run was just under 4.5 miles.


LETC – nice push to the finish…STRONG!

Omar – catching up to the front of the PAX quickly!  Keep it up!

Morpheus – you always push me! Your footsteps creeping up on me keep me motivated…Thanks!

Tiny Dancer – always a pleasure to workout  with you!

Minecraft –  does anything phase you?  Solid.

Trump – Impressive how you are now consistently running in the front of the PAX!

Hoff – Glad you are making the Ruck change up before the big day!  Always the strategist!

Mr. Kotter – not sure the workouts would be the same without the ability to say your name just like on the  TV show.

BTB – always finding a way to lead.  If not for you and LETC, I would have had no clue how to get to the Muni.  Thanks Brother!

Busted Grill and HoverRound – just glad you two made it back!

Prayers for Wrigley,  safety, family, friendship and a reminder to live like Jesus…be nice, courteous, generous and kind.  He was a pretty cool dude for sure!

Flounder is out!



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