Hey! Lemme show you something!

Date: 3/1/2017

PAX: Tiny Dancer, Dr. Freud, Buck, Tunnel Vision, Tigger, Surf N Turf, Zoro, The Adjuster, Busted Grill, Chips, Minecraft, Niles, Morpheus, Bubbles, FNG Digger

Q: Fire Marshall Bill

Warm-up: 20 mountain climbers, 25 SSH’s, 30 Imperial Walkers

The Thang: Mosey to the parking lot near the tennis courts. Completed four minute tabatas with a one minute break between each exercise. First exercise was Squats, second exercise American Hammers, third exercise Merkins and fourth exercise Flutter Kicks. Tabatas are 2o seconds AMRAP with 10 seconds of rest for a total of four minutes before switching to the next exercise. Busted Grill mentioned that for some reason the exercises seemed to get harder after the first few sets.

Mosey to the tennis courts. Fire Marshall Bill said “This could be dangerous” on the way to the tennis courts, fortunately he did not pull out any flammable liquids and a lighter…

PAX partnered up. Doracides with 100 Bobby Hurley’s, 150 plank jacks and 200 shoulder taps. Doracides — one PAX runs to the end of first tennis court does one burpee and returns to starting line, then……until the third court is reached and 3 burpees are completed, then return to the starting point and flapjack with partner.

Mosey home – with a few minutes left the PAX listened to the song Roxanne by The Police and did a burpee every time they heard Roxanne in the song. The song is just over three minutes and Roxanne is mentioned 27 times, but it seems like 20 of the Roxanne’s are in the last thirty seconds of the song!


Two PAX were from the western part of the state, one was a FNG. After deliberation between The Sandman and Digger we landed on Digger — he plays sand volleyball. Prayers for Dipstick’s family. Donation to Dipstick’s family can still be made via F3 Cape Fear Foundation, find LETC, Parrothead, Morpheus and probably some others that will gladly take your money. Prayers for Wrigley — we miss you man! Prayers that we all reflect the image of our creator into the people that we interact with. Prayers for those not able to be with us.

Fire Marshall Bill Out



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