Leg Day

Date:  27 February 2017

QIC: Donut

Pax: Epo, Hooch, Tombstone, Trolly Stop, Fox Trot, Busted Grill, FNG Baretta, FNG One-Eyed-Chris, Who’d I miss?

Ten pax converged on a seasonably cool morning to witness the return of Donut to the gloom.  It has been a long 4 weeks given YHC’s travel and injury recovery, but the shoulder was in good enough shape to manage a beat down that ignored the upper body.  It’s going to be a leg/core day, fellas.  You were warned.


-SSH x 25, Imperial Walkers x25, tiny arm circles, LBC x25

The Thang:

-First set: Pax lined up in a column for a modified Bataan Death March.  While the column takes on a slow mosey, the last pax drops out to complete 10 squats.  Sprinting to the front of the column, he taps the shoulder of the 6, who then drops out for 10 squats of his own.  Given the 10 pax, this took us to the far end of the parking lot and back to complete one cycle.

-Second set: Going back to his roots, YHC picked 11’s focused on the core and legs.  At the far end of the lot, the pax completed 11 jump-squats and returned to complete one 4-count crunchy frogs.  Then 10 jump-squats.  Etc.  Plank upon completion.

-Third set: With plenty of time left and lots of energy, the pax were asked to partner up for some 1,2,3 Dora.  Each pair of pax were responsible for completing 50x LBC, 100 4-count flutter kicks, and 200 4-count American Hammers.  YHC did not think the pax had it in them to complete this set, but was proved wrong.  Well done, men.

With barely, 5 minutes left, the final 30 flutter kicks were completed.

COT: Prayers for those in poor health and with family needs.  Prayers and thoughts also to those with needs unspoken.


Unfortunately, the rustiness showed given that YHC showed up without a time keeping device nor a writing utensil or voice recorder to document names.  I am truly sorry for the man whom I have neglected.  Well done to all!

Thank you for letting me lead….





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