s.m.o.k.e.d. by a stingray

Date: 2.27.17

Q: THE Ratt

Pax: Etch-a-sketch, Coffee Bean, Jelly Bean, Ugly Stik, Venus & Tank


Moroccan Night Clubs X50
Seal Caps x50
Partner Pushups IC X10 Switch
American Hammers X3o

Mosey over to the bleachers. This exercise was made BTB, but he texted us a 5am and said he wasn’t posting…then why were you awake at 5am? Anyway, Ugly Stik was here and it was just as good or better. Here we go, do each exercise then run up and down the bleachers. If you get lapped by Ugly Stik then you do 5 burpees…..I almost (key word almost) got lapped. This also didn’t take near as long as I thought it would.
30 Squats
25 Merkins
20 One legged burpees
15 Knerkin aka the Chuck Norris
10 E2K
5 Donkey Kicks
Next up, Caterico Indian Run around the Pond and stop for pull-ups, burpees, and squats. Run back to tennis courts aka Venus’ playground. Each PAX calls out a exercise while one PAX runs around the court. My favorite exercise was the sidewalk surfer called out by Etch – which I was particularly fond of. We did about 12 different exercises in IC with about 15 reps each.
SPRINT to the playground. Jelly Bean has some wheels! 25 Dips and Booger Pickers each.SPRINT back to flag. Ended with SSHs and tempo Merkins (everyone loved those).
*Legal Counsel was present and minutes are off the record.* We did get Coffee Bean to HC to his VQ next Monday. Be there or be square! I am getting a little pumped/nervous for GrowRuck. You can still order your Stingray shirt – so get on it.
z.ratt out


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