Salt and Light

Date: 2/25/2017
Q: Hoff
Pax: Gage, Sir Mix, Hoveround, Ball Bearing, Tiny Dancer, Blue Steel, Double Check, Gapetto, Fire Marshall Bill, Busted Grill, TKO, Dino, Cracker, LETC, Adjuster, Last, Morpheus, Parrothead, Foxtrot, Minecraft, Ben Johnson, King David, 8-mile, Gobo, Pole Cat (FNG), 8-Penny (FNG)

A lot of dimensions to today’s Baywatch post – too many, in fact, to recount all of them.


Warm-up – begin with silent minute in honor of Dipstick of F3Myrtle Beach, who was recently deceased from an injury. Then SSHX50, WindmillX50,

Distribute an egg to every Pax, tell ‘em not to break it, then four men grab the trailer hitch grate from the Landcruiser and let’s mosey to the beach. Stop ½ way for MerkinsX15. Four new men take the grate and rest of the Pax continues to mosey to sand and salt. Stop at foot of bridge. Circle up for SquatsX50. Mosey to beach. Here’s the deal: Short bursts of PT, followed by Pax locking arms and entering water – first calf-high, then knee, then waist, then shoulder height – with the recovery being walking the grate down range and repeating. All the while each man carries and secures his egg. Exercises included regular merkins, close and wide; flutter kicks, crab merkins, side plank, plank jumps, sprint-to-the-blue-trash-can-and-back-again and bear crawl. Finish up with FlutterKicksX50 in the surf. Then turn the Pax back toward the AO, with four men on the grate and rest of Pax in two columns led by Dino and The Adjuster. Dino finishes up by leading men in 7 mins. of protractor (ouch!).


The metaphor of the egg revealed: Life is fragile. We hold it in our hands every day and we can be kind or reckless with it – in our friendships, in our marriages, to our children and other loved-ones. As Dipstick’s tragic death has recently shown, life can end at any moment. Gone, just like that. So, when your temper flares, you are unkind or unempathetic, or you start to think you got it made or all figured out, remember the delicate egg in your hand.

Other important take-aways and deeds:

We saw high levels of motivation today.
We welcomed guests King David, 8-mile and Ben Jonson from Rolly.
Two new FNGs.
Gage + Sir Mix + Hoff =s the Sunrise Boys EXTRA CREDIT 10-miler
Gapetto made an amazing, generous and inspiring contribution to the fund that has been established for Dipstick’s family. See LETC, Busted Grill, Hoverround and others who were at coffeeteria for details.

I have notes on Parrothead. Interested? See me.
Dino rocking the weighted vest and ruck – BOOM!
Morpheus had a clown car today
The Adjuster had his smile on today
Double Check liked the cold water therapy
Last’s very reliable watch
TD – you got sand in your hair!
Foxtrot stole my egg
Fire Marshall Bill sure can run in some bare feet.

GREAT job by all Pax!

Thanks for letting me lead and thanks even more for following! AYE!



One thought on “Salt and Light

  1. letcf3 says:

    Hoff, you out did yourself yesterday. It was very well done. YHC was prepared to
    “Assist the Q” if necessary. Didn’t know where you were going with the egg and all of the gear- but you did! My bad. If a pax didn’t stretch himself, bond with a brother, or think deeply on his place in life; well he obviously fartsacked. Tclaps Hoff. You continue to grow, while taking the rest of us with you.



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