When: 2/23/2017
QIC: Ugly Stik
The PAX: Bob the Builder, Venus, Ratt, Last, Double Check
6 PAX showed up, Ruck in tow for an Ugly Stik beatdown!


Hoff led some not so friendly ruck Warmarama but the PAX endured.


Snake our way up Grace, take Front to Walnut, down Water and stop at Red Cross.
Mosey up Red Cross Hill and complete 10 Squats, back down hill to Water and complete 10 Overhead Presses with Ruck – Rinse and Repeat x 3
Let’s hit the parking deck – backwards mosey up the ramp, switch to overhead carry at each turn until we reach the top. Mary while we wait on the 6.
Back down the stairs and time to ascend the 20′ wall that leads to the CFCC maintenance area.
Back down to Heisenberg’s park. Up and around the brick steps in the courtyard then up and around the whole park x 2.
Back to the parking deck and up the stairs to the top for some Mary.
WWII’s with ruck held overhead, Flutter Kicks w/ ruck on belly, and a few other fun ruck friendly mary exercises.
We are out of time, so back to the flag we go!


The Ratt made a flying late appearance, and we were overjoyed to have him as always!
Venus loved climbing the 20′ wall – #FaceYourFears
Bob looked like he didn’t even have a ruck on #Shocker
Double Check thanks for showing me the way to the wall – Trump would be proud!
Last, you are a rucking machine. Not as much flatulence as normal this morning?

Prayers for PAX, country, leadership, military and first responders.
As always, it is an honor, and thank you for allowing me to lead!

YHC – Ugly Stik, out!



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