When: 2/24/2017
QIC: Ugly Stik & Bob the Builder
The PAX: LETC, Tunnel Vision, Puddles (Carterico), Gappetto, Minecraft, Fire Marshall Bob, Milton, Redline, Parrot Head, Gobo, Venus, Tiny Dancer, Hasselhoff, Dino, Morpheus, Busted Grill, Harvard, Surf-n-Turf, Trump, Tank
22 PAX posted on an unseasonably warm February morning for a BobbyStik Beatdown!


BTB led the PAX in IW x 20, Windmills x 20, Cotton Pickers x 20 then Burpees x 10 OYO to determine the splitting of the groups.
First half finishers head off to the pull up bars with Stik and the other half head to the hill by the pond with BTB.


PAX Indian to the pull up bars with Stik at the Q.
15 Minute “Minute Challenge” 5 Pull Ups, 10 Merkins, 15 Squats. You have 60 seconds to complete each round, recover with what time you have left. 15 Rounds 15 minutes. Except let’s throw in a 16th round for “Lagniappe” (See BG’s Back Blast). Recovery Carterico Indian Run and meet other half of PAX where BTB and I initiate a running changing of group of PAX.
PAX with BTB complete Stink Bombs on the hill – starting by the pond and running up to the parking lot. 50 Burpees, 100, Overhead Press, 150 Mike Tyson’s, 200 Big Boy Situps, 250 Squats.
Partner B to top of hill completes 50 Moroccan Night Clubs (During Burpees), 50 Flutter Kicks (During Overhead Press), 50 Mountain Climbers (During Mike Tyson’s), 50 SSH (During Big Boy Sit Ups), 50 LBC’s (During Squats).
Caterico Indian Run on transition to the Stik.


Busted Grill – I thought you were going to do 15 pull ups per round, then I caught you sucking wind? #NoSeniorDiscount #ThisIsntScreamingEagle
Parrot Head once came in second place to a little girl in a burpee competition #TheMoreYouKnow
Milton – way to dig deep today. You worked so hard you got a year younger!
Hoff – way to lift up, encourage, and motivate as usual.
Puddles was heard saying, “Y’all boys know how to give a beatdown!”, during the minute challenge. Of course we do, this is Cape Fear, not Carterico! #LoveYouBrother
Tunnel Vision – strong work in the shadows!
Fire Marshall Bob, great to continue to see you. You went so hard that you renamed yourself Capt. Bill! Strong work!

Prayers for Dipstick and his family. Please consider donating whatever you can for his family left behind. Be an HIM! See Dino for collections.
Prayer’s for Foxtrot’s friend, EPO’s mother, PAX, country, leadership, military and first responders.
As always, it is an honor, and thank you for allowing me to lead!

YHC – Ugly Stik and BTB, out!



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