The Fun Run Suicide


VQ : Wrigley CoQ: Sir Mix

Ruck Q: Gobo

Pax: Letc, Trump, Venus, Ugly Stick, BTB, Flounder, MindCraft, Capt Stubing, Mr Cotter, Morpheus, Ohmar, Cross, The Hoff, Fox Trot, Jonny Gage, Parrot Head, Double Check, Busted Grill, Redline.

It was a beautiful morning for a run at UNCW. We all got stronger and hopefully a little faster. However the slow clap for Parrot Head was the highlight for today “strong work brother.”

Warm up:

SSH x 30

Cotton Pickers  x 25

The Thang:

Mosey to the parking deck

Pair off into teams of two that can match each other’s speed.

Partner one runs suicides up the stairs while partner two runs the parking decks, meet at the top and knock out 10 Burpees. Then Mosey back down the decks.

Switch and rinse and repeat

Indian run back to the flags,

Once back

Flutter Kicks  x 50

ww2 sit-ups x25


Ruck Workout

No warm up needed lets get it on!!!

Ruck to parking Deck

ascended and knock out 10 Merkins and then descend

Rinse and repeat 7 times

Ruck back to flag

However, on the way back no better time to knock out 30 Merkins , 30 Meter Bear crawls x 2 and 10lb shoulder to shoulder with 50lb sand bag ….Who’s Motivated!!??

Join in Mary



Capt Stubing: Strong work on the Indian Run back, you were putting in everything you had!!

Prayer request for Letc’s wife and her records, Fox Trots friend Mike, and the healing of his pancreatic cancer,

Grow Ruck, if you don’t know about it, please contact Epo/The Hoff,

I want to thank everyone for giving me this chance and having my 6,

Wrigley out















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