In the Ditch

Where: Screaming Eagle

When: 02/22/2017


Pax: Hooch, Sir mix a lot, tombstone, Wrigley, Hoff, Cousin Eddie, And trolley stop


7 men posted at the Screaming Eagle AO to see if YHC would  make it to the workout.  I did not disappointed the men. After totally screwing up Monday and not hearing the alarm  I felt as though I had to redeem myself by leading today’s workout and making sure everyone got stronger and got there monies worth. We had an FNG, Marty Davis, now known as Cousin Eddie.  Welcome to the brotherhood.

The Thang;


25 side straddle hops

25 Imperial Walkers

25 mountain climbers

20 copperhead squats

25 merkins

25 Cherrie pickers

Some gentle hamstring stretching

Let’s mosey over to the retension pond. Luckily for the men the pond and is dry.

This exercises is 15 min. as many rounds as possible.  It involves 3 exercises; merkins, squats, and Carolina drydocks.  Run across  the retention pond and return do 10 merkins, repeat this 2 more times doing squats and Carolina drydocks.  Do as many rounds as possible in 15 min.  Ready, set, and go.

For the record Hasselhoff is wearing his giant Appalachian Trail backpack during today’s workout. Yes, I feel a little weaker now.

When the timer sounds at 15 min. We have a pretty good sweat going.

Let’s plank for 1 min.

Recover and mosey back to the flag.

We assemble on the long walkway.

We will on his walk from 1 light pole to the next.  At each light pole  will do a new exercise.  We start with 10 Burpee’s, 15 merkins, 220 mountain climbers, 30 Freddy mercuries, plank for 1 min., 25 squats, 25 merkins.  Let’s plank again  lord knows we need to get better at it.

Circle up for Mary;

25 flutter kicks

25  box cutters

25 American hammers


Prayers for Mike as he battles pancreatic cancer.

Prayers for my mother as she is recovering from spine surgery.

Prayers for trolley stop and his wife as they find out that health insects other newest baby.

Prayers for the men and women’s that protect us every day.

Welcome to our new brother, Cousin Eddie.

Grow ruck is March 11 6 PM at Atlantic Beach.

See EPO or Hoff.


The Hoff wore his clothes for the whole workout.

The FNG Was not scared away by The Hoff.

As you can see the other AO, stingray, is very motivated and a has created their own tshirt.  We cannot have those young whipper snappers out doing us. We will now work on a T-shirt design for the Screaming Eagle.

Thank you for letting me lead today.


EPO out



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