In It To Win It Minute Challenge

When: 2/22/2017

QIC: Venus

The Pax: Blue Steel, Flounder, Trump, Gilligan, Coffee Bean, Ugly Stik, BTB, LETC, Gobo, Etch-A Sketch

On a gorgeous February morning with temps in the 60s, 10 PAX took the red pill and joined YHC for some fun at the Monster Making Factory. It’s 5:30…let’s go!

Warm Up:

Seal Clap X30 IC

Morocaan Night Club x30 IC

Imperial Walker x20 IC

Copperhead Squats x20 IC

Burpees x10OYO

Our warm up cadence was helped with the help of Gilligans dog who promptly barked after each rep…I think he liked our MOTIVATION!

Let’s Mosey to the pull up bars…

The Thang:

We started with a mile Indian run around the pond. Once our mile was completed it was time for the real deal. The 20 minute “minute” challenge. 5 pull-ups, 10 merkins, 15 squats. Every minute you start over. Try to complete every rep within each minute. Whatever “rest” period you have after your reps are done in your minute, use them wisely, the next minute is fast approaching. 20 total rounds. (We actually did 21 rounds today…some pax even did double the reps on the last round…that’s a total of 105 Pull-ups, 210 Merkins, 315 squats! GET SOME!!!!!!!!!!!)


Prayers for Flounder’s daughter’s soccer coaches parents. Recent diagnosis of cancer and dementia.

Prayers for Dipstick

Prayers for those who are not here

Prayers to help those find F3 who need F3.

T-Claps to all the pax who came out today making themselves stronger but a big shoutout to CoffeeBean and Blue Steel. Way to push through the Indian Run and the Botan Death March at the end. Strong Work!

LETC – Stingray Strong!…love it when you come grace us with your hard working presence.

BTB – Dang IT! You did that with a weighted vest on…I guess next time we will make it harder…STRONG as always!

Trump – We went to a bad place but recovered quickly! You are the man! Strong work! Those were some of the “prettiest” pull-ups ever.

Ugly Stik – HI!! I didn’t have time to give you any subtle sayings under my breath, but don’t think I wasn’t thinking them….excellent clock monitoring this morning eh?

Etch – A – Sketch – I’ve heard it before but you are like the silent assassin. Keep up the hard work.

Gilligan – Love seeing you with us hate hates. Definitely making us better.

Flounder – You are the pull up machine, you asked for pull ups…I gave them!

Gobo – Way to push through. How are your arms feeling after your merkins from yesterday as well…


It was an honor to lead this morning…until next time….I’m your fire!!!!

Venus OUT!


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