Presidential Beat Down

When: 02/20/17

QIC: Sir-Mix

PAX: Busted Grill, FoxTrot, Trolly Stop, Scrooge, Tombstone, Hooch, all joined YHC this beautiful morning for a President’s day beat down.


SSH x 25

Stretch and hold “Trying to Text Epo and find out what the hold up is…. “Tombstone caught me and called me out”

Cotten Pickers x 15

Merkins x 10 4 count

Mosey to the pull up bars “the long way”

The Thang:

Pull ups  x 5

Dips x 10

Flutter single count x 20

Squats x 20

Sprint to tennis courts then rinse and repeat x 3

Mosey over to the playground and grab a swing

Inverted Pull ups x 10 rinse repeat 3 times

Swing Assisted 1 legged squats x 10 rise repeat 3 times

Knees to chest 15 x four count

Mosey back to flag just in time , again no time for Mary. This is starting to become a habit…. and I promise to make up for the lack of core in the near future.


Tombstone: Great to see you back in the gloom brother!

Busted Grill: You are an absolute beast on the pull up bars and a constant source of motivation, strong work!

Trolly Stop: Congratulations on the baby / future F3 in the making!!

Thank you lord for allowing us the gift of posting. Please be with Mike as he battles pancreatic cancer and give him the strength to heal and keep moving forward with recovery. Please be with Every Man/Woman in uniform and allow us to be leaders within our community.

As always it is a privilege to lead,

Sir Mix out










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