Friday Morning Joy

DATE: 2/17/17

QIC:  The Adjuster and EPO

26 PAX in all with one FNG joined us for Friday Morning Joy

PAX: Niles, Parrothead, Cabin Stubbing, Harvard, Tiny Dancer, Busted Grill, Omar, Sir-Mix-Alot, Wrigley, BTB, Uglystick, Morpheus, LETC, FNG Jeff Stinson (Tunnel Vision), Mr. Cotter, Surf and Turf, Tigger, Marshall Bob, Trump, Flounder, Wreck It Ralph, Dr. Freud, GOPO, Homeland


  • SSH x 50 IC
  • Mountain Climbers x 50 IC
  • Merkins x 10 IC
  • Light stretching and Hip Mobility exercises

EPO then administered the Plank Challenge to separate the groups


  • Mosey to the Tennis courts for 11’s (Burpees and Bobby Hurley’s)
  • Mosey to Pull Up bars where the PAX performs:
    • 5 Pull Up’s
    • 5 knee chest
    • 10 Dips
    • Run to bridge and lung walk across to the wall for 10 Wall Jumps
    • Once at the top of the stairs perform 10 V-Sits
  • My goal was to complete this 3 times only to have a reality check by Morpheus and Trump on time and we only performed 1.5 circuits due to that time constraint.  Can you say #kindabummed, #yesIusedahashtagandimover40
  • We then did a brisk Indian Run back to the flag


One new FNG today, Jeff Stinson (Tunnel Vision) Welcome to the PAX and I hope to see you again posting soon

It was great to lead with EPO today

I wish I could get that whole Starting position move, InCadence, exercise part right! I did remember Recover to redeem myself.

Prayers for EPO’s mom in Delaware for recovery from her Fusion surgery

Prayers for Flounder’s bank merger

Don’t forget to get your shirt order in by tonight

It was great to lead the PAX today.  I feel like if I can challenge the Hate’s and Hate/Hate’s I have done a decent job.  I hope I did that today only running out of time at the end.  We will do a little less warm up next time.

The Adjuster

EPO’s half of the backblast:

I took the first 12 men that abandoned the chill cut plank position. I think they were expecting The Adjuster to take them, I tried to surprise them.

The Thang;

Mosey to the pull up bars.

Mini Murph
50 pull ups
100 merkins
150 squats

Yes you can break it up if you want. Stop crying!!!
The men are motivated!!!
Circle up;
Indian run around the pond. Let’s get this thing moving!!!
Stop at the stop sign.
Lunge walk the distance of 2 light poles.
Form up and run the the big pavilion for a pusharama.
Incline derkins x 20
Derkins x 20
FK x 25

Mosey back to the flag.


FK x 25
Box cutter x 25
Freddie mercury x 25

The other half shows up for COT.

Surf n turf strong work!!!
Everyone pushed hard and Parrothead watched them to make sure they did it right. Thanks, Parrothead!!

Niles, no lying down during chill cut plank!!!

EPO out






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