The Screaming Gaunlet

When- Wednesday 2/15/17

QIC -Sir-Mix-A-Lot

Pax- Wriggley, Fox-Trot, Hooch

4 PAX posted to test their limits and set a foundation for improvement!


SSH x 20

stretch and hold 20 seconds

The thang,

Mosey to the pull up bars and  go over the guidelines for the Gauntlet on the way.

Merkins x  3 min

Sqauts x min

Pull ups x 3 min

Burpees x 3min

40o meter run

Rest for one min between each evolution and try to not splash merlot after preforming the burpee’s

Cooldown -mosey back to the bars and pick up all the cones / white board for a mosey back to the flag.

No time for Mary, but no one was complaining. I promise to double up on the next Q

COT-Be with men and women in uniform, prayer for the opportunity to be able to post and allow us to be leaders within our community. Prayer for the rest of our F3 brothers/ family.

As always it was a privilege to lead!

Sir-Mix Out



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