Chest Challenge on Thursday, 30 Challenge @ HMP tomorrow!


6 PAX took the Red Pill down by the river this morning, not in a van, but in warm clothes for the gloom!

Trump, Double Check and Hoff took off with their rucks in tow, while Omar, Patch Adams and Marshall Bob started the warmarama: Side Straddle Hop in cadence X 20, Imperial Walkers in cadence X 20.


Mosey down to the top level (via the stairs) of parking deck at Nutt and Front.Tabatas: 20 seconds of AMRAP with a 10 second break x 8 sets, one minute rest, different exercise, 20 seconds AMRAP, 10 second break……… x four exercises total. 1st exercise Merkins, 2nd exercise Dive Bombers (just imagine your shoulders on fire if you have never done these), 3rd exercise Man Makers, 4 exercise Diamond Merkins. The PAX were burning up at this point and moseyed down one level. At the wall the PAX did one Mike Tyson, then bear crawled ten yards, crawl beared (backwards bear crawl) back to the wall, then two Mike Tysons………all the way to six Mike Tysons. There may or may not have been PAX almost falling down from exhaustion. Mosey to ground level and across the street. Do an Indian Bear Crawl – PAX planks and then completes Merkins AMRAP until the 6 Bear Crawls to the front and assumes plank position, rinse wash and repeat until the PAX was thoroughly BEAT DOWN. Mosey to the AO and LBC’s in cadence x 20 while waiting on the motha ruckers. Namerama, COT and off to conquer the day!

Patch Adams took the quote of the morning, during tabatas “that is the shortest ten seconds ever!” From the words of the late Robin Williams…”Humor is the antidote to all ills”… Patch thank you for providing some humor!

Omar “In war there is no prize for the Runner-up” You posted earlier in the week as an FNG and you have won the war against the fartsack every morning since….great job!

THE CHALLENGE – 30 PAX AT HMP TOMORROW MORNING! For those that stayed in the fartsack, many of you texted this morning, take the Red Pill tomorrow morning and challenge others to do the same….Check out this three minute video from Navy Seal Jocko Willink:


Jock led the most decorated Navy Seal unit in the War in Afghanistan.


One thought on “Chest Challenge on Thursday, 30 Challenge @ HMP tomorrow!

  1. letcf3 says:

    MarshallBob= Fast track from red pill receiver to red pill dispenser! Sounds like Patch Adams and Omar are gobbling up the pills as well. SYITG Friday 0530



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