The Rock Pile

  •  When: 02/13/2017
  • QIC: EPO
  • Pax: Sir mix a lot, Busted Grill, Wrigley, Foxtrot, Scrooge, Johnny Gage

On this warm and blustery morning seven men posted at the screaming Eagle AO.

The men were motivated and ready to go. YHC has been out over a week recovering from a bad back. I sure missed being in the gloom. I am planning on venturing out to a new AO at the Screaming Eagle. We will call it the rock pile, for obvious reasons.

The Thang;

Circle up

SSH x 50

Slow Merkins x 20

Copper head squats x 25

Lets mosey.

As we run we make out way to the empty retention pond. We run from 1 side to the other to get in some hill training. We continue on to the parking lot. Assemble and start FK x25 and 25 x Freddie mercuries.

Up and start running.

We run until we make it to the rock pile.

Each man is to pick a large rock, i.e. 20 + pounds.

25 x shoulder presses

25 x overhead squats

25 x walking lunges with the weight held over head

Rinse and repeat.

Indian run to the big playground.  TRX swing exercises.

20 x single leg squats 3 sets per leg OYO

10 x inverted rows 3 sets OYO

20 x inverted knee ins

Mosey back to big walkway.

Lunge walk x 2 light poles.

Pair up and run back to the flag.

No one runs alone.


We just get back in time for COT.




Prayers for Martin at SEAL training, Mike dealing with Pancreatic cancer, and my mom, who is having neck surgery this week.

March 10-12 GrowRuck, See Hoff or EPO for details.

New shirt order is going on get in and look good.

Moleskins ;

4 of the 7 in the respect age category. Hell yea!!!!

The new diet, no Strachey carbs is working but towards the end I had no gas in the tank to keep up with the fast guys. Plus I am slow anyway!!!

Great to see the guys, Foxtrot and Scrooge,  that came out as FNG 2 weeks ago.

Wrigley, you are getting strong brother, keep up the good work.

Busted Grill, why do you go backwards during SSH’s?

We were missing 4 of our regulars, Donut, AC separation, Hooch, wife and daughter are sick, Trolley Stop might have an ACL injury, and Tombstone, no known reason why he is not here.

EPO out.

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