Cards and Burpees

  • When: 02/13/17
  • QIC: Gobo
  • The PAX: Double Check, Choir Boy, Cpt. Stubbing, Marshall Bob, Seahorse, Minecraft, Surf-n-turf, LETC, Morpheous, Gappetto, FNG-House Arrest, and FNG-Omar

Great start to the day! Unusually warm for February; however, it was really breezy making it cooler than I anticipated. Still in ruck training mode so I thought I’d incorporate some deck of cards into the kettle bell workout. I’m realizing that the deck of cards is a perfect 45 minute workout (time wise). Here we go!

Warmarama: No time for that!

The Thang: With 52 deck of cards and 2 jokers here is what we did:

  • Hearts = Burpees
  • Diamonds = Tricep Extensions
  • Spades = Squat Thrusts
  • Clubs = Flutter kicks

Do the number on the card. Jacks are 11, Queens are 12, Kings are 13, and Aces are 15. The red joker was a run around the parking lot. The black joker was 6 alternating shoulder presses with my 50 lb sand bag. In all we did 106 reps of each exercise! Flutter kicks were 212!

Mary: A little time for some Mary!

  • 20 LBCs
  • 15 American Hammers

COT: Go forth and be a positive influence in someone’s life today and this week.


  • Two FNGs today, awesome! Not sure if House Arrest splashed merlot. He looked dangerously close. I think he got a good introduction to F3.
  • Strong work to other FNG Omar! Named after Omar Bradley…and the Bradley tank! He’s a tank guy..get it?
  • Cpt. Stubbing had bells for everyone. It seemed the Pax wanted to hang out around Stubbing’s vehicle than come and work out.
  • Glad it was another LETC look-a-like vehicle heading north. For a second I thought LETC was driving to Stingray, but alas I was wrong.
  • Double Check was Double Check. He did save my Weinke though. So, strong work on that!
  • Yes, Surf-n-Turf, I am a professional! I have two pieces of paper on my office wall that tell me so. Also….there is no recovery until we are done!
  • Strong work Minecraft! I am so glad that you decided to do the GrowRuck with us! This workout was perfect training for “The Welcoming Party”.
  • Great job to the rest! Gappetto, we need to work on our #nc100miles challenge!

Thank you for letting me lead!

Aye, Gobo




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