The “A Team” Workout

When: 2/8/2017
QIC: Ugly Stik
The PAX: Tiny Dancer, Mr. Kotter, Venus, Trump, Wrigley, Flounder, Surf n’ Turf, Wreck it Ralph, LETC, Tigger, Niles, Minecraft, Redline, Parrothead, Capt. Stubing, The Adjuster, Dr. Freud, Dino, Bob the Builder, Stump Jumper, Gappetto, Gobo, Busted Grill
25 PAX posted in the seasonably cold gloom for a beat down by the Stik of the Grill depending on cardiovascular exertion.


BG did some normal stuff and some old school things that got our muscles somewhat loose. Then it’s time to show off that cardiovascular strength!

The Mighty 12 more cardiovascular PAX take off on a mosey to the tennis court parking lot, leaving BG to do more pre-1970’s exercises with the remaining PAX.
5 Wall Jumps then 5 Burpees – Rinse and Repeat x 5
Plank while waiting on the 6.
Jacob’s Ladder – bottom of hill at fence next the pond, sprint to other side of parking lot to complete burpees. Round 1 – 1 burpee – back down – build up to 7 – 7 rounds!
Mosey to Tennis Courts  for Partner Carries!
Carry Partner full length of court then complete 10 Squats with partner on back, then flapjack. Rinse and repeat x 3!
Find your partner at the gate then boogity boogity boogity, let’s go racing! Partner race around the entire court!
Mosey back to the main drag where we begin the Bataan Death March!
Two Column Indian Run – last PAX does 5 burpees then sprints to front! We covered from next to playground up to Pinegrove entrance and loop back to AO in record time!
We pass whatever it is that BG has the other PAX doing and proceed to the furthest speed bump. Lunge to the flags, then reverse lung until the next speed bump.
On we we get there we start to commingle with the other PAX from BG’s group.
High Plank with left arm and leg 20 second hold the flapcjack for right side.
Then mosey to the flags and saved by the bell!


Welcome Stump Jumper from Davidson!

More Cardiovascular Group, you made me proud today! Strong work!
Parrot Head – sorry for the lack of respect, but I did buy your breakfast to make up for disrespecting my elder 😉
Busted Grill – excellent back blast and thank you for kindling the fire of the new “competition”!
Jimbo’s and Jesus was off the charts today! Tons of great convo with the PAX. I can honestly say I was not the most receptive the the 3rd F when I joined this group. I’m not proud of it, but this group of men has made me strong enough to accept when I’m wrong and own it. F3 hooked me with the first F, drew me closer with the 2nd F then brought me home with the 3rd F. I hope every PAX gets to the same point. I have found a whole new group of brothers that I am unashamedly proud of to call family. May we all continue to grow together as men, in every aspect of our lives. Aye!!!
Prayers for PAX, country, leadership, military and first responders.
As always, it is an honor, and thank you for allowing me to lead!

YHC – Ugly Stik, out!


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