QIC: Busted Grill

The PAX: Niles, Redline, Parrothead, Surf n Turf, Wrigly, Minecraft, Wreck-it Ralph, Ugli-Stick, Bob the Builder, The Adjuster, Trump, Venus, Tiny Dancer, Dino, Mr. Kotter, Flounder, Tigger, Dr. Freud, Gapetto, Capt. Stubing, Stump Jumper (Davidson), The Ratt,LETC. Check Ugli-Stick’s BB for the missing PAX.

25 PAX were raring to go at HMP. After a warm-up of 25SSH’s IC, 20 Cross Country Ski’s IC, 20 Cotton Pickers IC, and 10 slow Merkins, we ran the parking lot loop to find the elite 13 PAX who would join your humble Q. The other 12 PAX took off somewhere with Ugli Stick. I promised smiles so we did S-situps x 20, M-merkins x 20, I-imperial walkers x 20 and E-elevations x 20 ( think of a Michael Jordan rebound then modify as necessary). With a parking lot lap in between, the smiles grew by 5 reps until we reached 30. Include one pause to walk on our hands, no takers on the extra credit for doing it OYO, in fact most attempts looked a lot like wheelbarrows. Smiling took longer than I planned, so we only had time for some crab walking and backward running before Ugli Stick showed up with the B-team and we joined them for some B-team stuff. There were some pretty strong looking B-teamers. Maybe next time…..  Strong work PAX!  Counterama, Namerama    COT and moved on to a great Q on Resisting Happiness by Dino

Thanks for the opportunity.   BG



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