Today is brought to you by the letter L.

DATE 2/9/2017

VQ: Marshall Bob

PAX: Last, Capt. Stubing, BTB, Venus, Trump, Gepetto, Hoveround, Morpheus, Niles, Heisenberg, Smokes, Hoff and Marshall Bob.

Ruckers joined the traditional PAX for the first exercise of Warmarama. The ruckers were off to ruck it up as the PAX began the second exercise of Warmarama.


Morrocan Night Club Sobriety Style x 40

Mountain Climbers x 25

Imperial Walkers x 30

The THANG – Brought to you by the letter L

Mosey to the parking deck across from the railroad museum.

La La Leggy: 20 squats, 20 lunges, 20 drop lunges, 20 calf raises — 5 sets OYO, Air chair while waiting on the 6.

Mosey up the stairs on the parking deck.

Leven’s (southern dialect for Eleven’s, since today was brought to us by the letter L) Bobby Hurley’s and Squats

Mosey back down to Water Street. Walk (or stumble) Like an Egyptian for approx. 50 yards. Similar to an Indian Run except the PAX lunges with their right leg and holds the lunge while the last PAX mosey’s to the front, then the PAX lunges with their left leg and the last PAX mosey’s to the front, rinse wash and repeat until several PAX were moaning — either from the burn or from lunging onto the PAX in front of them!

Mosey the rest of the way back to the AO.

Lt. Dan (Dan Taylor exercise set) – 1 squat, four lunges, 2 sqats, 8 Lunges…….5 squats, 20 lunges.

Mary – Capt. Stubing had us to LBC’s, Niles had us do a boat pose — during which he had two people do a ten count which messed with all of us, Heisenberg had us do Superman all while remembering the days of The Great American Hero, while signing Believe It or Not


Capt. Stubing — thanks for encouraging me to step up and Q. Great work this morning!

Hoveround — You and Niles cracking jokes kept me laughing while working out. What is a cow with no legs? Ground Beef. With two legs? Lean Beef. Great work Hoveround!

Niles — What do you call a cow that recently had an abortion? “Decalfinated”. You and Hoveround really kept me laughing. Strong work this morning!

Morpheus — Spoke about a 5K at Wrightsville Beach on Saturday 2/18. I couldn’t find any details online — can you post on slack with more info? Strong work as always!

Heisenberg — Thanks for the flashback to The Great American Hero. Great work!

Smokes — Great work this morning! Way to push yourself!

Hoff — Great job! Don’t forget to turn your headlights on when you are driving and it’s dark outside — I hope you did not drive to Atlanta with no lights! Seriously, props for showing up this morning!

All the Ruckers – I agree with everything that BTB said in his BB! Thanks for starting out with us in Warmarama!

It was an honor to be VQ. Hopefully, at least a few legs felt like jello today- See you in the gloom!

Marshall Bob out.



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