52 is not a prime number

When: 2/8/17

QIC: Tiny Dancer

PAX: https://vimeo.com/203154533

Parrothead, Minecraft, Cross, Carpet Bagger, Mayhem, Tigger, Busted Grill, Captain Stubing, Marshall Bob, Redline

11 PAX powered through the rainy gloom at Hugh Macrae Park to make each other stronger. YHC was honored and humbled that these men chose not to fartsack and posted for the birthday Q.

SSH X 52
Mountain Climbers X 52(The PAX sense a pattern developing)
A little stretching to loosen the tight legs from yesterday’s Redline run

Mosey to the open area near the pond(I think BG has named this Epo’s Field)
Burpees X 26

Mosey to the pond
Wall jumps X 26 then bear crawl over the bridge and run to pull up bars
Pull ups X 5
Pull up negatives X 2
Dips X 10
Rinse and repeat

Mosey to the baseball field for field of screams
Sprint from home around the outfield
Right field 13 standard merkins
Center field 13 wide arm merkins
Left field 13 diamond merkins
Home plate 13 blast off merkins
Repeat this time doing 13 squats, 13 lunge jumps, 13 jump squats, 13 Bobby Hurleys

Mosey to the tennis courts
Burpees X 13
BTTW suicides – partner up, partner 1 does a suicide while partner 2 holds BTTW until partner 1 finishes
Flap jack (one round of those is enough)

Mosey back to the flag
Burpees X 13


Get your money in for hat orders to Venus
A new shirt order is available – new colors
Marshall Bob has his VQ tomorrow at Battleship – way to step up and lead
Carpet Bagger welcome back, great to see you back in the gloom, doesnt look like you have lost a step
Parrothead – didn’t hear any complaints today- not sure how to take that; glad I got the SSH pace to your liking
Stubing and Cross I know you guys showed up in the rain because you felt obligated – I appreciate it!
Busted Grill and Minecraft – you guys continue to set a great example for the “hates”
Redline – my legs are still sore from yesterday
Mayhem – always great to see you in the gloom
Tigger – it will get easier

Gentleman- it is always an honor and a pleasure to lead you.Thank you for coming out on this rainy morning to push me and each other. I hope I made it worth your while.As I reflect on the passing of another year I would say enjoy and celebrate everyday. I am grateful for and gain strength from my family, friends and F3 brothers.

See you in the gloom!

Tiny Dancer – Out



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