Run Days Are Such Fun Days

When: 02/07/17

QIC: Redline

The PAX: Busted Grill, Hoveround, Minecraft, Hoff, Double Check, 8 Ball, Trump, Venus, LETC, Flounder, Last, Cross, Parrot Head, Captain Stubing, Johnny Gauge, Tiny Dancer, Bob the Builder, Wrigley

19 Pax with not a single doubt nor fear when the alarm sounded this morning rose to the occasion and became stronger than the day before.  Great crowd of men coupled with even better weather makes for a good run….and run we did!

The Thang:

While 2 ruckers took off the other 17 of us took a mosey around the outer limits of campus stopping at a few corners along the way to complete some sweet moves while the six comes in strong.  Good push by all Pax completing between 3.8 and 4.3 miles in 40 mins.


Prayers for Wrigley’s father George, BG’s friend’s son Martin embracing the suck for the glory of seals, and new baby McKenzie.  Get your hat money to Venus by the end of the week $20 ( does that mean Venus has to post all week?) and get your shirt request in on new order lots of colors.


CAROLINA SPORTS MEDICINE IN THE HOUSE: Tiny Dancer, Capt. Stubing and Cross thanks for the support!  About a quarter the way in I realized I forgot to mention we may need headlamps but once again Pax made it through some dark paths unharmed.  I think  Parrot Head like the distance and pace today I didn’t hear any complaints.   Double Check once again strong work brother keep it up.  Too many inspirational people today BG, JG, Minecraft, Hoff and many more.  Thanks BTB for spearheading the corners and keeping the quick ones busy and motivated.  Thanks for the opportunity to lead always a pleasure.




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