Go Pats! @Stingray


PAX: Ball Bearing, Coffee Bean, BTB, Ugly Stik, and Etch a Sketch

Date: 2/6/17


I was excited to see 5 PAX plus myself after such a good game last night. Venus texted me last night and told me he contracted the CLAP in New Orleans at a Bach Party. Been there done that buddy, just go see the doc!

I experimented with some different cadence rhythms, not sure how everyone liked it – but Ugly Stik was doing a lot of groaning. Not sure if that means he was enjoying himself, appreciated the hard exercise, or complaining. I will have to ask his wife next time I see her.


  • Sun Gods x25 (back and forwards)
  • Seal Claps x30
  • Merkins x20
  • American Hammers x25


Mosey to the jungle gym.

  • Legs to Chest on Swings x15
  • Incline Merkins x20
  • Dips x25 (R&R 3 Times)

2nd Quarter:

Indian Run around big loop

Halftime. Back to adjacent parking lot for 11s.

3rd Quarter:

One end Alphabets spelling G-O   P-A-T-R-I-O-T-S 

One the far end Burpees Merkins (you can thank BtB PAX – he was worried about you)

4th Quarter:

Recovery LBCs X25

Mountain Climbers x25

OT: Stretching YOGA & Moleskin. GrowRuck event coming up in March – tried to headlock Coffee Bean until he realized GoRuck was putting it on. Not sure how he missed that connection :). Thanks for letting me be your Q. T’was an honor.

The Ratt out.



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