F3 Cape Fear (FNG Testimonial)

From a FNG,

I came to Hugh MacRae Park on a chilly Friday morning. I was going “run” with my Church buddy on the inside rim. He had a warned me it wasn’t going to be a fast or a hard run. I hadn’t ran since the beginning of the yard but ran 4 miles the day before and was still sore so it didn’t deter me. At the end of the run I wasn’t winded and felt a little cheated, but thanked him for showing up. It was at this time I noticed the once empty park was now full of vehicles and some motivated men. From their PT equipment I thought I was watching a military Physical Fitness group. An older gentleman was approaching me with a smile. My friend smiled and disappeared. The man introduced the group as F3 and said they wanted some other guys who don’t mind waking up at 5 am. He said that the work out was free and lasted 45 min. Since my 50 min. run only lasted 20 min. I was happy to accept. Little did I know I was about to be severely humbled. For the next 30 min. I was in boot camp morning PT, I was doing burpees, mountain climbers, and side startle hop (jumping jacks), and that was the warm up. I sprinted, sissy pull ups, crab walk, box jumps, Russian dips and so forthe. The experience did 2 things, one it reaffirmed I was out of shape, and two it fired me up to get better. When you get your behind handed to you for free the only thing you can do is go back to get better… For free! These men are great, and their leaders. Walking back to my car I had a sense of pride walking past the flags on the shovels, that I stayed, I said yes to work and sweat. Next time I have a 5 o’clock wake up I will say yes again.


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