Baywatch – 4 February 2017

24 Pax posted for the Baywatch beatdown – plus Trump and his 2.0 were videoing – plus 1 drone piloted by Dino.  F3 Cape Fear was high tech today.  Welcome to FNG PEZ (Bruce Cunningham).

QIC – Minecraft

Pax – Macgyver, Surf-n-Turf, Hovaround, Tank, LETC, Double Check, PEZ (FNG – Bruce Cunningham) Busted Grill, Haavard, Parrot Head, Milton, Wreck-it-Ralph, Wrigley, Ugly Stik, The Ratt, BtB, Cracker, Heisenburg, Gobo, Last, Ball Bearing, Trifecta, Dino.

CoP – side straddle hop x 20 IC, squat x 20 IC and hillbillies x 20 IC

Circuit around park – Divide into 4 groups.  Each group goes to separate station and begins circuit from there. Perform circuit for 20 minutes.  The four stations were:

  1. 10 pull-ups and 10 knee-ups at playground
  2. 20 squats at museum parking lot
  3. 20 merkins at pergola (southwest corner of park by sidewalk)
  4. 20 burpees at basketball court

Mary at the basketball court at end of 20 minutes until all Pax return.

Triple Nickle – start on one side of basketball court, lunge walk to other side of court and complete 5 Bobby Hurlees, lunge walk back to start side of basketball court and complete 5 Bobby Hurlees.  Rinse and repeat 5 times. (5/5/5 = Triple Nickel).

Merkins in the outfield – start at home plate and run to right field and complete 20 merkins.  Run to center field and complete 20 merkins.  Run to left field and complete 20 merkins.  Run to home plate.  People’s chair until six is home.  Rinse and repeat with 15 wide arm merkins.  Rinse and repeat with 10 diamond merkins.

Mary – hello dollies x 30 IC and box cutters x 20 IC.

Moleskin – Ft Fisher Ruck was a success.  Thanks to those who participated.  Gobo volunteered to Q the 2018 Ft Fisher Ruck.

Prayers – Prayer of thanks for being able to work out with the Pax this morning.  Prayer for protection of men and women in military and those in service to our community.  Prayer for help to be a better man.

Thanks for allowing me to lead – Minecraft.


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