Split them down the Middle

DATE: 02/03/17


PAX: https://vimeo.com/202368500

31 PAX gathered at HMP for what would a double beat down in the new Friday beat down format. Temps are good, rain is light… LET’S GET TO IT!


  • Slaughter Starter- before any words are said, workouts are performed, drop down and give me 20 Burpees OYO!
  • SSH x 50 IC
  • Mountain Climbers x 25 IC


  • Little do the PAX know, but BTB and LETC will both be Qing this workout, we just don’t know who will be in whose group. So we line up at one end of the parking lot for a sprint/race to the other end. First 15 finishers roll with me. Last 15 finishers roll with LETC.
  • This is a new idea we have for all Friday workouts at HMP. It should be an easy way to finally EH that guy who says its too hard and he needs to get in shape first. Tell him to come on Friday’s. The idea is that the 2 Q’s decide on who will take the different groups and a creative way to split them up. Then 1 Q goes 1 way, the other Q goes the other way! We will try it for a few weeks and see what kind of feedback we get!

THE THANG (for LETC’s group): The turtles and sandbaggers moseyed over to the picnic shelter.  A lot of mumblechatter was going on about getting booted from BtB’s Q.  Properly insulted, LETC let it be known that they did not get booted.  They got the opportunity to be a part of YHC’s Q.  All about perspective.

  • We got started with 20 step ups and 20 dips.  Rinse and repeat.
  • Indian run around loop (long way) to tennis court parking lot.
  • Curb to curb- 10 mogul jumps- run across lot to curb. Irkin, rotate, raised arm merkin, rotate, derkin, rotate, raised arm merkin. Continue with mogul jumps descending to 1.
  • To the tennis courts- Burpee suicides with 20 hello dollies at start line. Go to 4 burpees then walk it back down.
  • People’s chair on fence as everyone takes a turn sprinting around the courts.

THE THANG (for BTB’s group):

  • Mosey to the pull ups bars for a circuit OYO:
    • Pansey x 10
    • Russian Dips x 20
    • Run to bridge, crab walk to other side
    • wall jumps x 20
    • run to stairs, jump up stairs (jumping as many stairs as possible each jump)
    • at top of stairs – 20 Sweat Angels
    • run back to pull up bars, rinse and repeat x 1
  • Plank while we wait for the SIX and line up for Caterico Indian Run around the pond x 1.5 laps
  • Line up at Yield sign for Red Barchetta
    • Sprint to roughly 100 yards – 100 SSH’s – sprint back
    • Sprint to roughly 75 yards – 75 mountain climbers – sprint back
    • sprint to roughly 50 yards – 50 LBC’s – sprint back
    • sprint to roughly 25 yards – 25 plank jacks – sprint back
    • sprint to roughly 10 yards – 10 burpees – sprint back
  • Two lines for 2 column Indian run back to flag, which turned into a lets just run fast all the way back
  • circle up for MARY
    • Alphabet
    • Protractor
  • Then the “other” group came back and that’s a wrap!


  • From LETC:
    • Parrothead was cheerful and finished first on all rotations.  Booting him to the turtles may be a cure.  Capt Stubing and Busted Grill flew today also.  Tigger had a nice spring to his step.  Today might have been the first time Kramer and Niles posted on the same day.  Wonder who was with Daphne? Mayhem and Seahorse are starting a short people, toboggan gang.  Redline was a beast today.  Gotta get that guy out more.  If BtB is the spawn of Zeus, Wrecked Ralf is…?  SurfnTurf, you keep busting it.  You are an inspiration to so many.  Love that you will be at GrowRuck.  Missed a few of you in here.  Talk more smack to me next time to get more air time.  Overall, the pax seemed to be satisfied with the alternate beatdown.
  • From BTB:
    • Watch the video of Namearama… Redline loves the camera! (around the 1:00) mark
    • Strong work by our group. There were a couple surprises mixed in the PAX. (Strong work Hahvahd!)
    • Lots of questions about whether or not they should have run slower during the sprint at the beginning, but all PAX pushed through and got their money’s worth!
    • Looking forward to more seeing more creative ways to split the PAX and trash talk the other group every week.

That’s all I’ve got today! Thanks for the push and the constant reminder of how lucky we are to have a group like this!

-BTB and LETC – OUT!




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