Work It Wednesday

DATE: 02/01/17

QIC: Bob the Builder



  • windmill x 20 IC
  • imperial walker x 20 IC
  • cotton pickers x 20 IC
  • squats x 20 IC-slow count


  • Mosey over to the pull up bars, stopping along the way to introduce our four stations for the circuit around the pond
  • STATION #1: at pull up bars
    • 10- pull ups
    • 15- knees to chest
    • 20- dead stop merkins
  • STATION #2: at point of turn at pond
    • 10- diamond merkins
    • 15- bobby hurley
    • 20- monkey humpers (4 count)
  • STATION #3: at swing set
    • 10- derkins
    • 15- wooly worms
    • 20- dips
  • STATION #4: half way back to pull up bars
    • 10- worst merkins ever
    • 15- sweat angels (4 count)
    • 20- star jacks
  • Two complete laps- OYO
  • Line up for Caterico Indian Run around pond to collect station tags and end up at bleachers
  • Run up the bleachers, 20 dips, lunge walk back to start x 2 rounds
  • Mosey to Ugly Stik’s truck for SALLY
    • Thanks Infomercial for bringing it up, but not posting at any AO!


  • Welcome FNG- Gilligan (Connor Bennett) you will be a great addition to the Hate Hate’s!
  • Glad to see (almost) all the ruckers from Sunday back out and posting again! It was a great event!
  • Coffee Bean- making strides ever post! Keep up the strong work!

Thank you for the honor, sorry the BB is late!

BTB – out!



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