Merkin Fest (1/1/17)

  • When: 01/01/17
  • QIC: Morpheus
  • The PAX: Tiny Dancer, Trifecta, Busted Grill, Wreck It Ralph, The Adjuster, Heisenberg, Wrigley, Niles, Parrot Head, 8 Ball, Capt Stubing, Cross, Old Bay, Double Check, Minecraft, Mayhem, Dr. Freud

18 PAX showed at Hugh McRae Park on a beautiful morning, gloves in hand for a Merkin Fest.

Warm Up:  Seal claps x 30; cotton picker x 20; mountain climber x 25

The Thang:  Mosey to first speed bump then high knees to next speed bump.

Commence the Merkin Fest.  Each speed bump and/or when Q felt like stopping for merkins buffett of standard, diamond, shoulder touch, walking, blast-off and man-maker merkins (x15 to 30 depending).  Mosey mixed in with high knees, karaoke and skipping (F3’s favorite mosey).

Busted Grill’s wish granted at pull-up bars for 5 chin-ups, 5 toes to bar, and 10 or 15 burpees (x 3 cycles).

More mosey and merkins, including wide-arm x 20.

Stop at lake park for inclined and declined merkins on wall (x 20).  Bear crawl across bridge for spider merkins x 20 at pull-up bars parking.

Mosey to speed bumps.  Sprint to next speed bump, then backwards run to Colors.  Perfect form Niles on the backwards run!

Circle up for 1 PAX calls exercise/Mary and runs 1/2 lap of parking lot while PAX does the called exercise.  Thanks for burpees Parrot Head and the Superman Heisenberg!

Great stretching to finish.  Thank you Wreck It Ralph!

COT/Moleskinz:  Captain Stubing/LETC considering basketball games one night/month.  Let them know if interested.

Welcome FNG Trifecta!

Wrigley has posted every day so far this week.  T-claps

Strong work all!  Thanks for the opportunity to Q.

Morpheus out



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