Covertly, We Ran and We Crawled

  • When: 2/2/2017
  • QIC: Johnny Gage
  • The PAX: Hoverround, Niles, BTB, Trifecta, Ugly Stik, Smokes, Patch Adams, Capt. Stubbing, Marshal Bob, Trump, Venus, Last, Hoff, Geppetto

14 motivated pax circled up in the parking lot at today’s #f3battleship work out. But, its 0531 and no one is taking the Q!? YHC takes the Q and plans a beatdown on the fly while; Hoff, Last, Venus, Ugly Stik, BTB, Geppetto and Trump heads out for a Ruck Showdown. Not sure exactly what those Ruckers did for exercises, but a whole lot of sweat and hyperventilation was happening upon their return to COT. Wrigley and YHC met at 0500 to pound out a 3 miler before Wrigley’s 0530 departure, strong work, Wrigley!

Warm up:

  • SSH IC x 20
  • Merkins IC x 10
  • Shoulder presses IC x 30

The Thang:

  • Racoon Crawl on knee high wall stopping every 10 yards for dips x 10, rinse repeat x 5
  • Mosey down to Convention Center > Rocky Balboas and Knees-to-Chest, 1 minute for each exercise. Rinse repeat x 3.
  • Mosey to the Convention Center’s Boat Dock > Sprint to each park bench for 10 Carolina Dry Docks and 20 LBCs, rinse repeat x 5.
  • Mosey around to Pier 33 for 50 squats OYO.
  • Capt. Stubbing insisted we take a tour of the docks, but we were not sure if we would enter private property? In true F3 fashion we hopped the chain at the docks entrance, scaled down the ramp for a little mosey on the docks. Stopping half way, the pax covertly bear crawled along side private boats…hush and be very quiet, someone might be sleeping!. We eventually made are way out off the docks unscathed.
  • Triple Threat concluded our workout before heading back to COT.


  • Instead of Mary, each pax gave 1 positive testament. Thanks for sharing, men!
  • The Ruckers finally decide to show up at COT, strong work, fellas!


  • A few announcements and validations were spoken of. Today was Smokes and Trifecta’s second day in a row with #f3capefear, encouraging!


  • Prayers for our country’s leaders.
  • Prayers for the military and first responders.
  • Prayers for all the unspoken.
  • Prayers for our health and the beautiful weather in Southeast NC.

It was truly an honor to lead this morning!

Gage- out!



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